My FITness Routine

Today, let’s bring up a touchy subject for some, let’s talk about fat!
I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life.  As a child, I was (well, let’s say round), lol.  I got made fun of a lot at school and even at home! That’s really hard to deal with at first, but I had no support, all the way into adult-hood. I figured I was supposed to be chubby because all of my family was, or that I didn’t want to sacrifice food, so I didn’t! I ate what I wanted, however much I wanted (you get the picture).


Courteous ofshutterstock

I ended up weighing around 250 at 5″,5′ (very unhealthy, unhappy, all that)…
Last year, I started my last diet phase, and with the help of Hydroxycut, I lost almost 100 lbs fast.  I was happy, until people started telling me what I needed to change on MY own body.  I had lost the weight so fast, that my skin sagged…. It was not a pretty sight.  I had wished that I never even lost weight! I was disappointed in myself for having such unreal expectations.  So, in something like a depression,  I gained a lot of  it back. I was devastated!
Let’s fast forward to the present. For the past couple weeks, I’ve started working out again, but WITH OUT the diet pills! I refuse to be hurt by my self pedestal again (I’m not expecting 0% body fat), I’m working every day to limit myself on EVERYTHING, and I vow that I will love myself, no matter what others say or do. I know that if I really want satisfying results, I must work, work, work!


Simple 25 lb weight.  You can even use milk jugs with water/sand, depending on what you have around the house. 

I do crunches daily (number goes up every time), I use a 25 lb weight to help get me sweating and burning calories,  I turn up an upbeat song, and I release the beast! My WORKOUT only takes a few minutes out of my day, because I don’t travel to a costly gym, and I use creams, oils, serums to rub on my body fat, then wrap with a layer of plastic, then a belly band, than a corset, then another corset. 


This is the wrapped technique I use to burn belly fat and back fat ! Don’t forget the oil first, then plastic, then wrap!

This makes sure that I’m doing the most work in a short time! Very efficient (and sweaty!).  This sounds like a lot of work, well, you’re right! And it’s not over yet! To make sure that I am not sweating in vain, I must eat right! I actually cut a whole meal, training my body to live off less food, and burn the fat that I have already.  It’s hard at first, (ESPECIALLY for those around you, when you get hangry (hungry+angry)), but stick with it, its worth it once you get those slow,  beautiful, results!
Oh, but Wait! We’re not done yet! You have to take care of your mind and spirit! How do we do that? MEDITATION!


In meditation, black candles help  repel negative energy!

After my workout, I ALWAYS grab a water bottle, and go cool down outside.  After I’ve recovered from my intense work out and drank my water, I take a quiet moment, just to be in my own space. This helps me to leave all stress and focus in the moment, also, letting my Spirit recharge! #Balance




That is my daily #FIT routine! What’s yours? Do we have common tasks together? Do you do the complete opposite? I absolutely love eclectic knowledge, so please share your routine/thoughts/comments!  Thanks for reading! Also, check out my Facebook (Hbic Queen) on my store page, I’ll be selling my wonder-fat-burning-oil! If you’re on a similar journey, you CAN do it!


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